Bride and groom in the chapelCongratulations on your engagement!

Looking to host your wedding ceremony here on our beautiful campus? The Chapel of De La Salle and His Brothers is available to Manhattan College employees and alumni for wedding ceremonies.


The Office of Conference Services typically accommodates weddings taking place during mid-June through mid-August on a first-come, first-serve basis. Your date selection will be reviewed to determine if the facilities are available. Requests for weddings are typically made a year in advance.

Submit Wedding Request Form 


Bride and groom outsideMarriage preparation and the ceremony is typically performed by a priest that you have formed a prior relationship with. It is preferred that you make arrangements with your priest to officiate your wedding here on campus. 

Your priest is responsible for coordinating arrangement with the Archdiocese.  

Step 1: The priest you have arranged to officiate your wedding must reach out to our local parish, St. John's Visitation, by emailing our local Father. Our office will provide you with his contact information after contract signature and initial deposit. 

Step 2: Once our local Father replies back with a confirmation, your priest is to forward this email to our office. 


Maybe-change-to-this-one.JPGThere is a non-refundable rental fee which covers the use of the Chapel. The Chapel rental fee is due once our office confirms the dates are available for both the wedding and rehearsal. 

Upon receipt of a contract and invoice, the initial payment will be due within seven days to reserve the Chapel. The remaining balance will be due a few weeks prior to your ceremony date. Payment can be submitted in the form of mailing a personal check or online via our credit card portal. 

No request should be assumed confirmed without a written confirmation and a paid in full invoice from the Office of Conference Services.

Additional fees include the required assistance of a sacristan and any musical needs. The cost and payment terms of these fees are communicated by the associated departments coordinating these efforts. 


All weddings taking place in the Chapel of De La Salle must be coordinated and approved with our College Chaplin. A campus Sacristan is required to be schedule for these events. Our College Chaplin will directly communicate the Sacristan fee and payment terms at your time of outreach. Our office will provide you with his contact information once we have a signed agreement and initial deposit. 


All events taking place in the Chapel of De La Salle that require music must be coordinated and approved with our Music Director, with the first right of refusal. Outside musicians or the use of our musical equipment is not permitted. Our Music Director will directly communicate the music fees and payment terms at the time of your outreach. Our office will provide you with his contact information once we have a signed agreement and initial deposit. 

Campus Enhancements & Renovations

Manhattan College utilizes the summer months and school breaks to schedule renovations, repairs, and enhancement projects to our buildings and grounds on campus. When booking your wedding, these schedules for work and projects may not be known. While we cannot anticipate these projects in advance, we do want you to understand the potential exists that some work may impact buildings and grounds aesthetically. Be assured, we will do our best to minimize any inconveniences to you and your guests. We will notify you in advance of any projects, as soon as we learn of them.