Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need Pre-Cana?

    Yes, you must be Roman Catholic to have your ceremony in the Chapel. You will need to go to your church for Pre-Cana, or meet with your priest who is performing the wedding ceremony at least six months in advance.

  • Do I need my own priest?

    Marriage preparation and the ceremony is typically performed by a priest that you’ve formed a prior relationship with. It is preferred that you have your own priest that you have a relationship with to preside over your wedding on campus. 

  • Is there air conditioning in the Chapel during the summer?

    Yes. There is also an elevator.

  • Is there parking available for handicap guests?

    Yes, handicap parking is located in between De La Salle Hall and Jasper Hall. All other guests can park in the lower forecourt by the main entrance and Public Safety booth.

  • Can we take photos before or after the ceremony?

    Yes, there are many locations to take photos including the Quad, grotto, statue of St. John the Baptist de La Salle, front entrance, Memorial forecourt, etc. Please be mindful and considerate of other parties utilizing the campus while you are taking photos.

  • When can florist set up the chapel?

    Your florist can set up several hours before the ceremony, unless you were informed otherwise in advance.

  • Can we throw rice, confetti, etc.?

    No, the front of Smith Hall and the Quad must not be littered.

  • Does Manhattan College help coordinate the wedding?

    Once your date is confirmed and you have paid the initial deposit, you are responsible for coordinating all aspects. This includes ensuring we have written confirmation from our local parish with their blessing for your priest to officiate your wedding, contacting our campus Chaplin to schedule a Sacristan, and contacting our Music Director.